Fulfillment with the Family at Martial Arts Academy

By Macy Goodnight Chris Velez, 5th degree black belt, Cole Cirilo, 1st degree black belt, Lexi Vincent, 2nd degree black belt, Nick Welscher, Jr. 2nd degree black belt. At Martial Arts Academy – Family Training Center in Owasso, the core mission is to help parents raise confident leaders and adults to reach their true potential. They believe that any student … Read More

Greg RexFulfillment with the Family at Martial Arts Academy

Why is Martial Arts Good for Kids?

By Lorrie Ward (L to R) Instructors Ramsey Hinshaw, Lexi Vincent, and Nick Welscher with Chris Velez, owner of Martial Arts Academy. In Stephen Covey’s bestselling book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, the author lists the following as one of the foundational habits: “Begin with the end in mind.” This means that many successful people have learned to set … Read More

Greg RexWhy is Martial Arts Good for Kids?

Building Confidence With Chris

By Duane Blankenship Dhea Pushpraj began classes only four months ago and is an eager and promising learner. Chris Velez, Senior Chief Instructor and owner of Martial Arts Academy, began training when he was six years old. He progressed well and began instructing as a teenager. Martial Arts Academy has been in business since 2003 and now has two locations. … Read More

Greg RexBuilding Confidence With Chris

Kick Up Your Confidence

By Chris Beach Almost every parent hopes and wishes for their children succeed in living out their life dreams. It’s just what they do. But no matter what measures parents take to protect their children, somewhere along the line young boys and girls experience a terribly embarrassing moment – whether at school or home or otherwise – that dashes their … Read More

Greg RexKick Up Your Confidence

Focus on Success and It Will Come

By Deanna Rebro Photo caption: (L to R): Taylor Carrell, Assistant Instructor, 1st Degree Black Belt; Chris Velez, Senior Chief Instructor, 5th Degree Black Belt; Eric Buckendorf, Chief Instructor, 2nd Degree Black Belt; and Tara Modrell, Instructor’s Assistant, 1st Degree Black Belt. Within the world of clicking for an answer and multi-tasking, getting plugged in has a totally different meaning … Read More

pixelauthor_adminFocus on Success and It Will Come

Instilling Self-Discipline Through Martial Arts

By Carol Beck-Round  Photo caption: Martial Arts Academy believes in a balance between traditional aspects of martial arts and a connection with the real world. Self-discipline is one aspect of martial arts that Chris Velez, senior chief instructor and Martial Arts Academy owner, aims to instill in all his students. For Martial Arts Academy owner and Senior Chief Instructor Chris … Read More

pixelauthor_adminInstilling Self-Discipline Through Martial Arts

Martial Arts Builds Confidence

Photo Caption: Chris Velez, chief instructor and owner, Martial Arts Academy. It’s tough. It’s highly regimented, with no tolerance for nonsense. It requires absolute focus and perseverance. So why do so many kids do martial arts? Because it is one of the best venues to develop self-confidence and lifelong leadership skills. Chris Velez, Martial Arts Academy chief instructor and owner, … Read More

pixelauthor_adminMartial Arts Builds Confidence

Martial Arts Academy Celebrates 10 Years

By Christopher Davis, ValueNews.com  Photo Caption: (L to R): Rick Gibson, 3rd degree black belt, chief instructor; Taylor Carrell, 1st degree black belt, instructors’ assistant; Eric Buckendorf, 1st degree black belt, program director; Brianne Saul, 2nd degree black belt, assistant instructor; and Chris Velez, 5th degree black belt, senior chief instructor. Martial Arts Academy first opened in Owasso in 2003. … Read More

pixelauthor_adminMartial Arts Academy Celebrates 10 Years

Martial Arts Not Just for Kicks

By Lorrie Ward Jackson, ValueNews.com Photo caption: Chris Velez, chief instructor and owner, Martial Arts Academy. Often when people think of signing their children or themselves up for martial arts classes, they think of the most extreme cases where self-defense might be needed, such as bullying or other intended bodily harm. But according to Chris Velez , owner of Martial Arts Academy in Owasso, … Read More

pixelauthor_adminMartial Arts Not Just for Kicks

Facing Life Challenges

Photo caption: Chris Velez, chief instructor and owner, Martial Arts Academy. Often when parents think of entering their children in martial arts, they consider aspects like physical fitness or self defense when making their decision. According to Chris Velez, owner of Owasso Martial Arts Academy, there are deeper disciplines to be gained when a child practices martial arts. “Every student who attends Owasso Martial … Read More

pixelauthor_adminFacing Life Challenges