At Martial Arts Academy, it is our goal to provide a program where the average family – kids, teens, men and women – can seek martial arts training together. It is our core belief that any student at any physical age or mental maturity can achieve Black Belt Excellence and become a leader with the guidance of our qualified instructors. It is our goal to teach a student, whether age 4 or 40, how to be the type of person who is always prepared to do their absolute best in whatever they set out to accomplish and to become a positive example to those around them. Our instructors and academy leaders serve as visual examples and role models for the students to follow.

Black belt training is more than a workout, exercise or fitness program. It is about total health, self-confidence and discipline. We strive to help students become leaders not only in our academy, but also at home, in school, at work and within the community. This is the true meaning of the rank Black Belt Leader.

With our location in Owasso, Oklahoma, Martial Arts Academy offers martial arts training for children as young as 4 years old, adults and families who want to train together. Martial Arts Academy caters to all experience levels whether you’ve earned a black belt, had previous training or you’re a first-timer looking for a martial arts training program, Martial Arts Academy can be your key to success. We are a full-time professional academy established in 2003 in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Our primary focus is building leaders by increasing confidence, mental stamina (focus), self-discipline, and respect through a consistently structured, respectful and disciplined environment that offers constant challenge.

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"The academy is my son's second family. He joined in January of this year. He has learned excellent Taekwondo skills. He has also learned self confidence, discipline, respect, to speak clearly, to make eye contact when in a conversation and is learning important keys to become a respected adult. Thank you Mr. Velez and Ms. Modrell, from a very happy "Taekwondo Mom”. I highly recommend The Academy."

- Kim Smith Storer