Mr. Buckendorf began training under Mr. Velez as a teenager and quickly developed a strong appreciation for the impact Martial Arts Academy’s leadership program could have on both the body and the mind. He soon began working with students as an Instructor’s Assistant at the Owasso location and then transitioned into the role of Program Director for several years, growing in skill and understanding of the art with Mr. Velez’s instruction.

Now actively pursuing his third degree black belt, Mr. Buckendorf instructs at the Tulsa location. He truly believes that the self-confidence and leadership development encouraged at Martial Arts Academy has the power to change individuals and families as they earn their black belts together.

With a strong foundation in Tae Kwon Do, Mr. Buckendorf has also spent extensive time becoming proficient with a variety of weapons. He continues to explore and instruct techniques with Escrima Sticks, Bo Staff, and Nunchuks.

Martial Arts Academy offers training in martial arts for all ages and experience levels. Whether you’ve earned a black belt or you’re a first-timer looking for a martial arts training program, Martial Arts Academy can be your key to success.

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